Using a VoIP SoftPhone

Using a Softphone with ZOBOT VoIP Account

In order to properly use a softphone with ZOBOLT's VoIP Phone Service, you must at least have speakers and a microphone on your PC or Mac. A headset will work best, as it decreases the possible echo that you may otherwise hear.

ZOBOLT suggests using the X-Lite Softphone available from “Counter Path”. You can find a free download at Counter Paths website located here:

You should only need to enter the “sip” authentication credentials to get the softphone up and running.

To retrieve your ZOBOLT VoIP login credentials:

  1. Log in to your ZOBOLT account:
  2. Access your past support tickets. You will find one that states VoIP Access
  3. In this support case is your user login. If you need it resent to you contact support.


ZOBOLT only provides SIP credentials. We make best effort to assist you in configuring your VoIP Softphone and VoIP desk phones. All VoIP devices must be SIP compatible. 

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